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The Way of Kings Review

I am glad to say that Brandon Sanderson is becoming one of the best authors of our time. The Way of Kings is an epich fantasy book that brings forth a sense of intellect, drama, action, and of course, an entirely new world and reality.

In the first book of the 10 book Stormlight Archive series, you are brought into the world of Roshar, which is plagued by High Storms that batter the landscape. Brandon Sanderson has created everything from lands and gods, to plants and animals. Reading this story is like being immersed into The Lord of the Rings on steroids.

It begins with a story from the assassination of the King. As usual, I’m not going to give you details.(I’m hoping you’re checking my review because you want to read the book). From there the story unfolds with amazing action sequences and twists and turns.(most of them near the end). I had a hard time getting through the first couple chapters of this book, but after sticking with it, I’m glad I did.
The book follows three main characters. Kaladin, who reminds me a lot of Kelsier from the Mistborn series, is a soldier/ surgeon. He is at continuous odds with himself. Not able to decide if he is blessed or cursed. The internal struggle throughout the book is riveting as the story continues on.

Shallan(cough cough, Vin, cough cough), is the daughter of a lord who is seeking out the sister of the king. She hides secrets and learns throughout the book. You really begin to care for the character during the story as she grows and changes. She has the least action in her story, but I found myself being pulled into her mind through Sanderson’s great writing style.

Dolinar, a “High Prince” and the murdered king’s brother, is also known as the Blackthorne. He is a mighty and honorable hero throughout the novel. He also has an interesting internal struggle. Is he going mad with age, or is he a prophet of the Almighty? It’s hard to decide as you read further into his story.

One of my favorite characters is barely seen in this book… but I’m sure he will be a big part of the series. He is Szeth-son-son-Vallano. He is known as a Truthless, and reminds me a lot of Sazed in Mistborn. He is a character who is in a constant silent battle with himself, as he does not control his destiny.

Make sure you give this book a chance, and do it soon.(Sanderson is like a robot, the way he puts out books). When you finish the book, make sure you read the beginning again. It is well worth it, since you actually know what is happening.

All in all, I give this book five out of five swords(Thinking about using that to rate books by… Thoughts?).

Happy reading,