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Who should direct Star Wars: Episode VII? A couple you may not have thought of!


Hello interwebs!  As we all know, Episode VII of the Star Wars franchise is slated to be here in 2015.  With that information known, we have time to worry about who the director should be.  So many great names have come to mind.  Some of them have declined the job without an offer, like J.J. Abrams.  Others that have been mentioned just don’t seem right for a Star Wars movie.  As much as I love Quentin Tarantino, I don’t think he would be a good fit for this.  There has also been a lot of talk about Matthew Vaughn taking the reigns, at least for Episode VII.  Borys Kit, who writes for The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision, later squashed the rumor on Twitter, saying:

“Good Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars Episode 7 rumor out there.  Being told it’s not true.”  You can all comment with your sad face emoticon. Starting……….NOW!

Hopefully you had enough time to show off your broken heart now because it is time to talk about a few who I think would work great for Star Wars.  This is a conversation though, so instead of just discussing the two that I mention, let’s talk about who you want as well.

First, I have to mention David Yates.  You may remember him from a small project, the last four Harry Potter movies.  I know, so we want a director who’s biggest film were for kids?  I don’t think they were actually made for kids to watch.  They chose him to make the movies that moved Potter from the cute children’s movies to the dark stunning movies that were nominated for countless awards.  With the story that can only be speculated on at this point, it is hard to say what parts of Yates’ direction would work best for this movie.  I can’t help myself, so I will speculate.  The next trilogy of Star Wars will, likely, follow some of the Expanded Universe story lines.  (Will we be seeing the back from the Sarlacc pitt, Boba Fett?)  These are dark books about dark times.  The way that Yates can bring darkness to a movie franchise, we would be in for a real treat.  You may wonder if he is the right guy with only four big movies under his belt.  I think it’s about time Star Wars takes a director who is on the rise instead of one who has already reach their peak. 

The second director is Michael Rymer.  He is most famous for heading up the Battlestar Galactica reboot.  You may also recognize Queen of the Damned, an episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, and now an episode of the upcoming TV series, Hannibal.  He may not be the most famous of directors to be named as a perfect fit, but he does such a great job with his projects.  In fact, he even wrote a couple of the more stunning episodes of BSG.  This means he has the creativity to make a truly fantastic Star Wars film.  I would also be interested to see what he would do with easter eggs and homaging (Is that even a word?) of the original series.  He did it quite often with the BSG series through the years it was on the air.

What do you think of the possible directors for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Happy Force…ing,



Disney buys Star Wars: Episode 7 in the works

Good evening Interwebs,


Disney bought Lucasfilm today for $4.05 billion.  (that would be nine zeros)  With that, the official press release states that Episode 7 will have a target release of 2015.  Are we going to get an animated Mickey Skywalker short?

Or will this be an epic movie along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean?  I just can’t see a Jedi trying to figure out why the rum’s  all gone.  With this acquisition, Disney is truly setting itself up as the ultimate media juggernaut.

With the extensive Star Wars Universe that was continued through books, the possibilities for the series are almost endless.  The extension of the Saga will not be limited to one film though.  Disney is, as usual, going to bleed it dry.  According to Kathleen Kennedy, the current Co-Chairman and soon to be President of Lucasfilm, “Star Wars Episode 7 is targeted for release in 2015, with more feature films expected to continue the Star Wars saga and grow the franchise well into the future.”  George Lucas will remain with the company as a creative consultant.

We shall see how Disney does with such a beloved series.  I, for one, hope that they do it the justice that George took away.  Please Disney, we do not need any more Jar Jars.

Happy Forcing,


Holiday gift set ideas!

Tis the season to get presents, or as Cartman sings, “Jesus was born and so I get presents. Thank you Jesus for beeeeeiiiing born.”. But on a serious note, what do us nerds want.

The usual go-to for me is a lovely Blu-Ray box set. This year has a few great items worth looking at.

Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition. This is a set I’ve been hoping for ever since I got the regular edition in 09. I know this would mean my 3rd copy of the complete trilogy, but it would be my first of the extended edition in beautiful high def. The extra hours of footage makes for an epic all day marathon. (drinking game obviously included).

Star Wars: The Complete Saga. In order to ramp up interest before the re-rerelease of the saga in 3D, Lucas has finally put out our beloved story in the wonders of Blu-Ray. As a total Fan Boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Listen Santa. There are a lot of little Lukes and Leias out there who would be angels to get a copy of this.

Last, but not least, is the Harry Potter collection. For you Muggles who can’t get enough of the chosen one (and don’t already own all the movies) this one is for you. Now, this series makes an all day marathon pretty hard, but being able to go from the cute little rascals to the powerful wizards of the Deathly Hollows, might just tickle your fancy.

Which one do I want? Well, today Amazon has a deal on Lord of the Rings. $49.99 for the extended edition. That $70 of the regular price is pretty tempting. Seeing as I already have Harry Potter, and I’m in more of a sword mood, than light saber mood, I have to go with that great deal on the one collection that rules them all.

What series are you looking forward to?

Happy shopping,

P.S. I would have a link to the Amazon deal, but Illinois apparently does not like those of us who share information.

Star Wars: The Not So New Hope To Line George’s Pockets

Starting on February 10, 2012, George Lucas will be releasing “THE” Saga (Star Wars for those who don’t understand) into a theater near you…again. This time it will be different though. The beloved Star Wars series is getting yet another makeover. No, they are not going to replace blasters with walkie-talkies. (Thank you E.T.). Instead, they will be entering the newly popularized 3rd dimension. Am I complaining about this a little? Yes, and no is the best answer I can give you.
The original rerelease was an amazing idea. It brought the original saga to a generation of fans who never got the opportunity to watch the original series without having to adjust the tracking. (Trust me, it is something we had to worry about with VHS tapes.). It had been 20 years since fans had their first glimpse of the galaxy far far away. With that release came changes to the films. It was said to be the true vision of Mr. Lucas. The new generation of Star Wars fans would never again get to question, “who shot first?”. (It was Greedo BTW). There were no ugly smears on the lens to hide the wheels on the land speeders. There were some add-ons though. Don’t forget the beautiful computer generated Mos Eisley. There was also the terribly put together scene between Han Solo and everyone’s favorite slug-like underworld kingpin.
My hope for the re-rerelease is that George makes no major changes to the films outside of going 3D. And I hope that 3D addition will be done tastefully. (No one wants to see JarJar’s tongue whip towards their face like a New Years Eve noisemaker.). The timing is, actually, pretty good. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a huge hit on Cartoon Network, and they did just release the entire Star Wars Saga on BlueRay. George Lucas is a brilliant marketer on top of being the creator of one of the greatest and most successful movie franchises of all time.
Is George Lucas going to get my hard earned money? Of course he is. I am a sucker for Star Wars, like so many others. I think the bigger question would be, “What else could this re-release mean?”. It could, simply, be the success of The Clone Wars and the BlueRay release. There is one important thing to remember about the original rerelease. It was the preemptive publicity strike for the creation and release of the prequel. Maybe this is a sign that movies VII VIII and IX are finally going to be made. Whatever the reason is, I hope to see you at the theaters in February.