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Authors Want Multimedia Deals

With the monstrous success in the past decade or so, is it so surprising that authors are working to get movie deals?  This brings a wonderful opportunity to new artists.  It proves that the literary world is not dead.  It takes a special kind of author to be able to handle this though.  Recently, I have seen an IMDB page for “The Warded Man” which is based off a novel series called “the Demon Cycle” by Peter V Brett.  You will be getting a review of the first book of the Demon Cycle in the coming days.  I’ll just say right off the bat, it’s a great read.  My hope is that Mr. Brett can handle the multimedia world, the same way that Brandon Sanderson has.  If you don’t already know, Mr. Sanderson is involved in “Infinity Blade”.  It is a book and video game that work great together.  I do recommend that you take a look any time you see Brandon Sanderson connected to it.

So what’s the danger in working on media deals?  Let’s take a look at a couple authors who have not done it right.  I want to say, these writers are great and I love their books.  I have great respect for them, but George RR Martin and David Farland (Wolverton) seem to have let the work towards media deals get in the way of their writing.  Mr. Martin is well known for the amount of time it takes for him to complete a novel, which is so hard on “A Song of Ice and Fire” fanatics.  Don’t get me wrong, he has paved the way for fantasy fiction authors to move into pop-culture, but can we get through the series with you as the author?  Mr. Farland had been on a good run of releasing “Runelords” novels.  Now that the ninth and final book in the series has come up, he seems more interested in a movie deal and other multimedia dreams than finishing his novel.  To be fair, his son was in a terrible longboard accident a few years back.  I truly feel for him and his family, but the book should have been done by that time.  As you have seen, I have been in contact with David Farland and I have full faith that the ninth novel will be as brilliant as we have come to expect from his amazing writing style.

So what am I saying about writers trying to move beyond the pages?  I’m saying that they should go for it!  But when they do go all out, don’t forget the fans who have made them a household name.  I have full faith that my favorite series will continue and be finished, even if there is a slight delay in their releases.  Keep writing those great novels and turning them into other media authors out there!



Runelords Book 9 Update

Hey there everyone. I have some great news for you. A Tale of Tales, book 9 of the Runelords series, is coming along nicely. I just had the pleasure of an email from David stating that he is finally pleased with the way the story is coming. It sounds like he is hard at work, making sure that the finale will be everything that his fans are looking for. There should be more updates from him and I will make sure to pass those along. If you have not done so already, make sure you read books 1 through 8. You will thank me for it later. To stay updated on the possible movie and voice your opinion, check out,. There are a lot of great contests going on and a section to vote for who you want to star in it. It is truly great to see such a successful author who cares enough to email back his fans!

Happy reading.


I’m back

Hey Interweb!  I’m sorry for my disappearance.  I hope you all can forgive me.  There has been so much going on lately.  But enough about that.  Here is an update on what we have been waiting for.  No, I have not heard anything about the contest yet:(  Hopefully I do by the end of May though.  Like I said. “If I don’t win, I will post the story on here for you all to enjoy!”  Also, there has been no word from Mr. Farland about Runelords Book 9.  I am keeping my eyes open for any hints.  I am sure he will put the word out to create some buzz.  Oh yeah, Game of Thrones is back!!!!!  I will be getting a review on the beginning of season two in the next couple days.  Let’s hope life slows down a little bit in the coming months so I can keep you all informed and entertained.  God, it’s good to be back.



Runelords: book 9

So, as you may know by now. I’m a big David Farland fan. This morning I even got the chance to have a conversation with him over Twitter. With that said, here is some great news. David told me that

February is dedicated to one thing only–finishing off the Runelords series.

After almost three years of waiting for the end of the series, I am hopeful to see it in the fall. With the book release could also come a book tour. Hopefully that will bring him to the Chicagoland area, as he hopes to expand his audience in the eastern half of the country. If you have not read the series yet, I suggest you start as a movie may be in the works. Also in the belt line is a video game, which David was speaking with a designer in Vegas earlier this month. None of these are definite yet, but let’s keep the faith here.

David recently released another book called nightingale. He is currently planning the book tour for that and I will keep you posted. Hopefully my dialogue with him continues so I can give you the latest information.

Happy reading,


P.S. like I said, do yourself a favor and read this series. You will be glad you did.

The Runelords Series (first series)

Written by David Farland, or David Wolverton for his scifi fans, the Runelords brings the reader into a fantastic world of magic, runes and strange creatures. This series really brought me back into reading after years of gaming and movies. It easily does this through simplistic story telling with an over ethical hero and a truly evil villain.

Magic system: The magic system of the Runelords is what really dragged me in. In this world, the wealth of a nation is driven by a substance called blood metal. (cough* cough* oil cough* cough*). This metal is used to create small brands with runes on them. These runes are used to grant endowments through the transfer of attributes(strength, dexterity, charisma, etc, for all of my fellow D&D fans) from one person to another. Those who receive these endowments are considered Runelords. They are responsible for protecting the Dedicates, who gave up the endowment. It is important to note that the loss of an attribute has a price. Those who give up strength become feeble. Giving up charisma makes a person ugly. Even death can result if the body of a dedicate looses too much of an attribute. Remember, a person can only be a Dedicate once, but the amount of an attributes transfer differs depending on the rune and person doing the ritual. The big trick to the system is that the death of a Dedicate removes the endowment from the Runelord. If the Runelord dies, the Dedicate gets the endowment back.

World: The world of humans is a continent that is divided into three realms. Rofehaven takes up a majority of the northern half of the continent. The culture is, mostly, based off of Medieval Europe, complete with knights and castles. Sixteen nations break up Rofehaven. The Dunnwood, an important haunted forest, is located in the northwest section. The realm of Rofehaven is best known for its steel. To Rofehaven’s southwest is the Middle East-like dessert region of Indhopal. It is known for its rich blood metal mines in the south.(still sounds like oil to me). By the time the story begins, Indhopal has been united from fourteen separate nations by the villain, Raj Ahten. In the southeast of the continent lies Inkarra. As it is not a big part of the first trilogy, I will not go into too much detail. The inhabitants are a nocturnal breed of humans with very pale skin and hair, and “ice white” eyes. They are mostly seen in the series as traders who sometimes visit Rofehaven.

Hero: The hero of the series is Gaborn Val Orden, heir to Mystarria, the largest and most wealthy kingdom of Rofehaven. Gaborn is the most ethical hero I have ever seen. (sometimes annoyingly so). At some points he seems too good to be real. But, to be fair, his strong morals is used to drive the true message of this book. In David’s own words,

Young prince Gaborn Val Orden is a conscientious objector, a young man who is torn by the knowledge that those who love him and serve the best must make such a terrible sacrifice for their kingdom.

Villain: Raj Ahten is the diabolical evil entity of the series. He is shown to be the polar opposite of Gaborn. As the ruler of Indhopal, he takes thousands of endowments in an attempt to become the Sum of All Men. The Sum of All Men is a legend of how one man who takes enough endowments can become immortal and retain his attributes even after the deaths of his Dedicates. Raj Ahten gains many of the endowments through the use of money and the charisma that he has been endowed with. Because of these practices, he is considered a Wolf Lord and is hunted by the Knights Equitable. He truly is one of those villains that you love to hate.

Conclusion: So you want to know what I think of the series? The writing paints a picture of this spectacular world that you will want to know more about. The character development seem a little weak at some points, but it gives the message of how leaders should use their power without abusing it a chance to shine through. After reading the first series, I promise you will want to read the next five books. (I know only four more are listed, but he is working on book nine. I hope he gets it out this year). The story is strong and the magic system is riveting to a D&D fan, like myself. The twists and turns will keep you turning the pages of this one. All in all, I give it 4.5 swords. If you’re just getting into fantasy, this will seal the deal.

4.5 swords out of 5


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Best magic system

I have spent a lot of time reading some of the great fantasy novels of the past decade. I have been noticing, within these series, some innovative new magic systems. I want to hear your favorite system and why it is your favorite.
To get things started, I’ll share my favorite.
In the book series, Mistborn, the main magic is used by burning metals like a forge within one’s body. This allows the character to push or pull an ability. This was such an interesting power to learn about. Brandon Sanderson has a way of explaining the powers to make them seem plausible. For every metal that pushes, a counter metal pulls. The physics and geometry that you see while reading this book pulls you into the Mistborn world. You may wonder about metals, like lead and mercury, that can cause health problems. The author explains that too, by adding that those who do not have the ability could die by ingesting metals and even those with the power can become sick or die as well.
Share your favorite system and let’s start a discussion.