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Battlefield 3 Review

How do you start with a game like Battlefield 3?  One word sums it all up.  EPIC!  This is a complete military simulation.  As I have warned you before, I will not give away spoilers.  It just would not be right to ruin a game for someone who is so interested.  I can tell you a little bit about the basis of the story though.  It is about a group of USMC soldiers. (HOORAH!)  They are in a battle with the PLR out of Iran.  The story takes you through the missions of a member of a Marine Recon Team, a fighter pilot off a Navy aircraft carrier, and a tank commander.  There may be a few more, but I  haven’t gotten that far yet.

So far the game-play is phenomenal.  The battles going on around you will immerse you into the life of that particular character.  The story line has a great background, but seems fragmented.  Each mission begins with the questioning of the main character and takes the player back to a moment that led up to the questioning in progress.  It seems like a slight rip-off of Black-Ops story line in that respect.  The graphics engine of the game shows a visual beauty that raises the bar for future FPS’s.

Multiplayer is where this game takes it to the next level.  When I saw that the game came with a separate multiplayer disk, I knew I was in for a treat.  The total world destruction might even be more fun that shooting at some 12-year-old kid on the other end of the connection. (They beat me every time and rub it in by talking too much on the headset)  They, as always, have the classic match types.  I was just glad to see them bring the rush modes from Bad Company 2.  My favorite of all the modes has been Conquest.  This is a massive 24 player match on the consoles.  Those of you who prefer PC will get either 32 or 62.  It is a mode where you control different points across a large map.  The fighting is intense and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some rival who you always run into.  That does not mean that you have to though.  With 24 players you don’t always see the same names as they respawn around the corner.

As for the bad.  They do require an online pass that is provided with the new game.  This will annoy those of you who wanted to wait to buy it used.  If I remember correctly, it’s going to cost you 1800 Microsoft Points through marketplace.  They also have Battlelog that will allow you to see updates about your friends who are also part of it.  I don’t know how many people I know feel the need for a way to check their stats online, but that is yet to be seen.

In all, Battlefield 3 did everything that I wanted it to.  Did the story lack a little bit of character developement?  Of course it did.  I did not get this game to play an epic storyline that could carry itself into a new franchise. (That’s what MW3, Gears, Halo, and Bad Company are there for.)  The visuals, multiplayer modes, control, and gameplay as a whole were well worth my hard-earned money.  If you want a game that will be entertaining and look and sound great on your home theater system, get this game.  If you want a great story to keep you interested through multiple times through a story mode get Gears of War 3 or wait a couple more weeks for MW3.



Modern Warfare 3 trailer

Hey everyone.  Here is the Official Launch Trailer for Modern Warfare 3.  Take a look, because the campaign looks like it’s gonna be great.

It will be available for your game system on 11-8-11

Official Launch Trailer.