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Star Wars: The Not So New Hope To Line George’s Pockets

Starting on February 10, 2012, George Lucas will be releasing “THE” Saga (Star Wars for those who don’t understand) into a theater near you…again. This time it will be different though. The beloved Star Wars series is getting yet another makeover. No, they are not going to replace blasters with walkie-talkies. (Thank you E.T.). Instead, they will be entering the newly popularized 3rd dimension. Am I complaining about this a little? Yes, and no is the best answer I can give you.
The original rerelease was an amazing idea. It brought the original saga to a generation of fans who never got the opportunity to watch the original series without having to adjust the tracking. (Trust me, it is something we had to worry about with VHS tapes.). It had been 20 years since fans had their first glimpse of the galaxy far far away. With that release came changes to the films. It was said to be the true vision of Mr. Lucas. The new generation of Star Wars fans would never again get to question, “who shot first?”. (It was Greedo BTW). There were no ugly smears on the lens to hide the wheels on the land speeders. There were some add-ons though. Don’t forget the beautiful computer generated Mos Eisley. There was also the terribly put together scene between Han Solo and everyone’s favorite slug-like underworld kingpin.
My hope for the re-rerelease is that George makes no major changes to the films outside of going 3D. And I hope that 3D addition will be done tastefully. (No one wants to see JarJar’s tongue whip towards their face like a New Years Eve noisemaker.). The timing is, actually, pretty good. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a huge hit on Cartoon Network, and they did just release the entire Star Wars Saga on BlueRay. George Lucas is a brilliant marketer on top of being the creator of one of the greatest and most successful movie franchises of all time.
Is George Lucas going to get my hard earned money? Of course he is. I am a sucker for Star Wars, like so many others. I think the bigger question would be, “What else could this re-release mean?”. It could, simply, be the success of The Clone Wars and the BlueRay release. There is one important thing to remember about the original rerelease. It was the preemptive publicity strike for the creation and release of the prequel. Maybe this is a sign that movies VII VIII and IX are finally going to be made. Whatever the reason is, I hope to see you at the theaters in February.



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  1. Maybe he’ll bring back ‘Han Shot First’? And yes, I agree, George Lucas will get my money despite how much I felt I was cheated with Episodes I, II and III.

    October 21, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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