What else could a nerd want?

Gears of War 3: The meathead brotherhood

So I’ve been playing Gears of War since it came out last month. The storyline has been impressive. I’m not one for spoilers, so you’ll actually have to play the game to find out.(or comment to ask me any info you want. Just make sure you include a way for me to get back to you privately). But, I digress. There were parts of the story that I laughed as hard as I have in a while. Let’s be serious here, the characters are ridiculous. There were also some heartfelt sections where I got a little choked up. The main point is that they took those loose ends from the previous games and sewed them together in a nice little package of a single player game. The AI was solid, but did not do anything spectacular, but it had parts that were challenging enough to keep things interesting.(God knows the ADD generation needs it). I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the multiplayer. I feel the purpose of the third-person view that utilizes cover gets diminished. You can’t spend an entire match placing cover fire and hoping for the best. It does have the amazing horde mode in it’s arsenal though. There is nothing better than getting a few friend connected and showing wave after wave of the Grubs who their daddy is. The addition of purchasing upgrades to bolster your defenses really make the match for me. It has been a fun ride since it came out. It’s just too bad that I will no longer have time for it with the additions of Battlefield3 and Modern Warfare 3 to my library. Stay tuned for updates on those games as they come.


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